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When promoting your business video can add an element of emotion and allow your viewers to really connect to the content. Storytelling is what we do - from the storyboard to the final cut in post. Take a look at my portfolio below and feel free to get in touch if you are looking to add something extra to your business, brand or product.

Documentary Style


Script writing, story boarding, shot lists - we can help with all creative aspects before the shoot takes place. This allows us to capture the content needed in a much more efficient, effective manner. Let's start with the purpose of your video.


Production tasks may include location scouting, set-up, framing, lighting, backgrounds, or directing talent. Regardless of experience in front of the camera, we keep the atmosphere light and relaxed on set.


Post-production is where everything comes together. It is the little things that can bring a story to life, such as sound design or a clever transition between scenes. Since I am involved through each phase of production, I have clarity on how to best execute the edit.

Promotional / Testimonial

Product Video

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