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My goal is to capture the special and significant moments - so we are able to re-live them time and time again.


First Things First: 

We get to know each other. We sit down over a coffee or drink and I can answer any questions you may have, as well as learn more about yourselves and your big day. I want to make each and every video one of a kind. 


On The Day:

I do my best to capture the day as it happens. I give direction for certain shots, but for the most part I let you enjoy yourselves and capture these moments throughout the day.

The Edit: 

The longest and most important step in the process. My specialty is creating highlight reels from the most impactful moments to help tell the story of your day. I make each video unique and to deliver something that you'll truly want to watch again and again.

We create all kinds of videos!

From Instagram Teasers (delivered within a week) to Full Documentary Edits of your ceremony (Multi-Camera)

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The magic of the couple really shines through during these intimate elopement sessions - making them a personal favorite to capture.